MyMac Podcast 734: Mac mini for Pro Problems

Gaz is away so David Ginsburg from the Off the Charts and In Touch with iOS podcasts joins Guy for what ended up being the third time this week so he’s already tired of Guy’s nonsense probably. All the usual stuff and a discussion over whether or not the new Mac mini could be used as a pro machine.
RSS Feed for your podcast app Subscribe in iTunes Guy’s Pick: Loopback 2 from Rogue Amoeba for $99. If you already use Loopback, this is a must have update ($49) and if you don’t and do audio stuff, why haven’t you already gotten it? There’s two bundles available as well. You can get the Audio Hijack and Loopback bundle for $130, which is almost $30 off or for $175 get those two along with the Fission Audio editor. Gaz’s Pick: Not here so NO PICK! Dave’s Pick:  Netgear Orbi

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