MyMac Holiday Gift Guide v2018.3 – iPhone Case and Earbuds Carrier


TWIG EarPods Carrier
Hip Product Factory
$7 U.S.

Guest review by Louise

I love my Twig! I am basically a very sloppy person, but my Twig makes me appear very organize and efficient. Now I am no longer trailing around with a dangling and twisted cord. No longer do I have an annoying cable hanging out of my purse. No longer am I spending a lot of time untangling a cord every time I want to use my earphones.

With my Twig my headphone cable is in a small compact little red twig that is easy to use and inconspicuous. When I would go to exercise, I spent over six minutes dealing with my messy cord; unravelling the cord to put in my purse, unravelling the cord when I get to the gym, unraveling the cord when I start my exercising. Then afterward I must stuff my cord back into my purse, then unravel it when I return home. I exercise usually three times a week so that is 15 minutes a week, 1 hour a month, 12 hours (a whole half day) more time I have from using my Twig.  

The Twig is so easy to use. The plan is to buy Twigs as stocking stuffer for my six grandchildren. I told one of them about It; and she is excited, because she takes her own earphones to school and uses them instead of the ones at school. Get one. Buy several. People will want them.


Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 Card Case for iPhone XS Max

$25 U.S. Available in several different colors

Guest review from Bill Couchman

I am pleased with the Wallet Slayer case for Apple’s iPhone X Max, from Silk Smartish products. I loved it instantly and I will continue to use it as long as I can. All edges of the phone are well protected, and all openings for camera plus other buttons and openings are perfect. The strong, molded plastic case fits the phone securely and has a slim, smooth, attractive appearance. The edges are slightly textured, which makes it easier to hold in your hand without slipping. The overall smooth texture and rounded corners make it easy to put into my pocket; nothing sticks out to get caught, which is a problem with many competitors’ wallet case designs.

The back of the case has a slot for up to four credit cards, and/or folded-up cash. Its clever design makes it easy to remove cards because it includes a slot where you can push cards part of the way out with your thumb, and then easily pull one or more of them out. You don’t have to dig in with your fingernails to try to get a grip on a card.

Our review case is a nice maroon color. I’m a man and it’s not too feminine for me, and it’s a nice change from the usual grey or black. This case is available for all recent iPhones. Silk has a full range of cases at very competitive prices.

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