ThinOptics Reading Glasses – Review

ThinOptics Reading Glasses Price: $50 U.S.
ThinOptics reading glasses are nearly as light as a feather. They’re also attractive and stylish. Put them into their sleek carrying case and you’ll find they’re also magnetized. Lean the case against your iPhone and they follow you wherever you take your phone. The case is as thin as an American 25 cent piece and molded to accommodate the precise shape on the reading glasses. It snaps shut with a reassuring magnetic snap as it locks. I chose the Brooklyn model reading glasses in red. I got many unsolicited compliments, which are generally the best kind. Nobody accused me of looking like Elton John, which is either a plus or a minus, depending on the day.
The lenses are clear and sharp, and large enough to be useful. These glasses are great to carry around for occasions when appearance counted, but I take my reading glasses on and off several times a day and that became cumbersome because the slot that opens case is tiny. If you have very small fingers you can open it easily, but more often than not I found myself fumbling to get at my glasses. The stylish case then just became obnoxious unless I kept the glasses at the end of my nose all day, which was inconvenient. These reading glasses lack nose pads and you can only adjust them by carefully bending the temples to fit more snugly behind the ears. The company suggests holding the temple with two hands when making this adjustment. I didn’t know that when I tried my first demo pair and a dog ended up damaging a temple. I could not find a shop that had any repair parts for this product but then discovered ThinOptics glasses come with a lifetime guarantee and the company will replace them free of charge except for shipping and handling. They sent me a replacement pair that is holding up nicely as long as I treat them with care.
If I didn’t need reading glasses many times during the day, the case would not have been annoying. But in the course of any day, I reach for my reading glasses many times, which is one reason I decided to bypass the case and just leave the glasses hanging from my neck all day on an eyeglass strap. This was a perfect target for an enthusiastic Australian Shepherd that jumped on my chest when my glasses were dangling from a lanyard. The temple was severely damaged. I appreciated the lifetime guarantee. These reading glass retail for $50. For the fashion-conscious ThinOptics glasses are a good value. MyMac Review Rating is 8 out of 10.

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