Custom Wood Phone Cover – Review

Custom Wood Phone Cover
$49 US (Configured Review Unit – iPhone X with Design)

Toast Custom Wood Phone Cover is a cover for the iPhone X’s side and back with optional coverage for the front on buttons. The cover is made of real wood and is available in several colors and designs. Toast offers covers for multiple devices such including MacBooks, iPads and iPhones as well as many non-Apple devices.


Packaging for the cover was attractive and was easy to unpack and follow. The package included the front, back, camera and button covers, instructions and alcohol wipes. To get started, clean the phone with the included wipe and then remove the sticker backing on the rear of the cover. Then carefully line the cover up with the back of the phone and stick it on. Next, roll the sides of the phone to stick on the side of the cover.

Full disclosure, I have done many installs of covers and skins on devices and it’s not the easiest of things. It becomes a fight of lining up, straightening things and hoping that it places correctly. It looked like I put the Toast back cover on perfectly, however my side buttons were too recessed to access. I decided to remove the cover and try to put it on again. During this process a few of the corner pieces detached from the rest of the case. The case went back on with a few corner pieces missing, but with the wood being dark and my iPhone X being black, it’s not very noticeable. Toast does offer a Butterfinger Policy. The company will replace the cover/part if it is messed up during installation! The side buttons were still too recessed to use.

Then I remembered the button covers and immediately put them on. The side buttons cover were simple to place on and immediately my side buttons worked great. In fact, they are now easier to press than they were without the button covers. I fault myself for not realizing that the button covers would have fixed the recessed button issue, so keep that in mind when you are installing the cover. Sticking on the camera and front cover was easy and uneventful.


This is not the first cover or skin that I have put on my iPhone or MacBook. I have been through many skins, covers, cases, decals, and other accessories to make my Apple devices stand out in the crowd. Wood covers give the devices a classy look. I can safely say that my iPhone X wears the Toast Cover extremely well. The back looks exceptionally impressive with the Apple logo cutout. I will let the photos do the talking but is stunning in person.


Functionality of the iPhone can always be an issue when cameras and sensors are covered. I tested Face ID with the front cover and had no problems unlocking the phone. The front cover has four circle and one rectangle cutouts for the sensors. Next I tested the camera with the camera cover on. Again, no issues with the camera or flash. As I reported beforehand, the buttons work well with the button covers. The secret is to make sure the covers are attached properly so the cutouts line up with the sensors and holes. The cover does add a bit of weight to the phone, but less than an actual case. It also feels like real wood when holding it, so you will lose the smoothness of the phone in some places on the phone, especially where the sides meet the front.

Covers or decals for devices are a highly debatable topic. Some people say that it shouldn’t be done and others love being able to customize the device without adding too much weight and size. I personally enjoy dressing up my gear to stand out in the crowd. Cases will give you more protection than a skin or cover, but they will also add weight and size. Skins and covers are usually more difficult to apply and once you remove them, they generally are not reusable. If the cover is done tastefully and offers some protection, it is a great way to accessorize. The Toast iPhone Cover looks, works and feels solid and attractive. Unfortunately for my wallet, I’m now tempted to dress up some other devices in Toast’s wood or leather covers.

MyMac Review Rating is 9 out of 10. With many options and colors, the Toast Cover is a fun and elegant way to dress up your iPhone. It would be a 10, but it is a bit more pricy than some of the other competitors, however the company does donate 1% of its profits to environmental non-profits which is a nice touch.

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