MyMac Podcast 717: The Team is Back

Guy is back from Macstock, though by the sounds of it he sat on his own putting his kit together and then packing it up. Gaz might have some advice for him  and they finally manage to be on the internets at the same time to record a podcast! What are they, effing stupid? A real menagerie of topics in the center section and a LOT about Macstock 2018.

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Macstock Conference and Expo!

Guy’s Pick: MoviePro by Deepak Sharma $5.99. Allows for so much more than Apple Camera app. Adjust resolution, frame settings, audio input volume, white balance, and much more. Just trying it out now, but will probably be my go to app for Guy’s Daily Drive ()

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: Skype……. Say it ain’t so Jeeeezzz man what just happened did we go through a black hole and fall into a Microsoft world of doom and destruction. No Discord its just crap, well for us at least.

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