MyMac Podcast 688: Maybe Good, Maybe bad

Last show for 2017 and the GMen knocked it out of the park! Granted it was a pretty small park and slightly run down, but it was knocked out! LOT’S of MyMac articles because they didn’t do it last week and they had some special guests to help with that. Then like every other podcast they talked about Apple and something about batteries. Lastly they give ALL their resolutions for the 2018! Or they would have if they had thought of it at the time which they didn’t!

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Guy’s Pick: If you need a good clean audio interface, the Presonas VSL series are great. 22VSL with 2 in/2 out (Mono) and 44VSL 4 in/4 out (mono)

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: Parallels Tool Box, lots of great tools, but this was 9.99 a year it’s gone up to 15.99 still great value, just hope the increase isn’t the start of an ever increasing cost.

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