MyMac Podcast 682: Visitor Parking is Allowed

A real off the rails show even more so than usual (which is saying something). The GMen can’t even get out of MyMac articles without something going horribly wrong, which is a source of great entertainment. Meanwhile, Apple is pre-loading High Sierra without asking (BAD FORM!), ISP’s still want to sell you TV instead of data (BAD FORM!), and Apple’s new Apple Park Visitor Center is now open with coffee, light snacks, and all the Apple gear your credit car can handle (BAD…well actually we’re not sure).

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Apple is preloading the High Sierra update to Macs on previous operating Systems.

TV networks and ISP’s STILL can’t figure it out that their days are numbered

Apple’s new Apple Park Visitor Center is now Open

Guy’s Pick: Loopback by Rogue Amoeba  Still filled with the awesome $99

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: Finally splashed out and got iMazing, yeah yeah yeah OK it’s not a bad App, mind you I got it through a MacWorld promotional Price of $24.99 If that’s no longer available it’s here for full price

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