MyMac Podcast 672: While my Podcast gently sleeps

All kidding aside, please take a moment to give generously to the charity of your choice to help some of those in need after the recent weather related problems. Speaking of weather related problems, Guy’s brother Larry escapes from South Florida to the wilds of Northern Virginia and joins the GMen on the podcast. Equifax takes a grilling, Apple’s TV programing (or lack thereof gets smacked around, and Apple’s UK Music Festival gets tossed into the dumpster. Just FULL of good news aren’t we?

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Gaz’s Tip: Siri’s Big Clock
Need to keep track of the time as you near an appointment or deadline? Just ask Siri on your Mac “What time is it?” You’ll get the answer, plus a clock much larger than the one in the menu bar. This clock continues to update so just leave it on the screen as you work. This is great for counting down the last minutes until the end of a work day or a scheduled phone call.

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