Coding iPhone Apps For Kids – Book Review

Coding iPhone Apps For Kids
Authors: Gloria Winquist & Matt McCarthy
no starch press
336 pages
Ages 10+
Print and Free Ebook: $29.95
Ebook only: $23.95

Ten years ago I went back to college to get my degree in web design. Part of my curriculum was java coding. I struggled. Big time. If I had a resource like Coding iPhone Apps For Kids my life would have been so much easier. And I would have had fun at the same time.

Coding iPhone Apps For Kids is billed as “Playful Introduction to Swift”. I found it to be much more. Not only will readers learn coding terminology and theory, they’ll also take what they’ve learned and put it to practical use by creating an app and a game.

In order to follow along with Coding iPhone Apps For Kids, readers will need a Mac running OS X 10.11.5 or later, Xcode, and the iOS Software Development Kit, both free and available on the Mac App Store.

Each step of the process is thoroughly explained, both the “hows” and the “whys” without overwhelming readers. That said, programming can be confusing. For some kids, reading Coding iPhone Apps For Kids with a parent would be quite helpful. It would also make a fabulous parent/child project. Only you as a parent knows how much assistance your child may need. Also check out Melbourne Cup betting online.

The authors encourage readers to test the examples given, then substitute other values to see what happens. Or switch the statement order to determine if the program runs correctly or needs to be debugged. Experimentation is strongly recommended!

While Coding iPhone Apps For Kids was written for kids, adults will also get a lot out of this book. More experienced coders may want to skim Section One, but read Chapters One and Five in their entirety, as they have valuable information pertaining to Xcode and Swift.

When kids practice coding, they’re not just learning how to make an app: they’re gaining creativity, critical thinking skills, and problem solving, in addition to self esteem as they develop an app from just a thought to a finished product. Whether you’re a child or an adult, I highly recommend Coding iPhone Apps For Kids for a fun way to learn coding. Review Rating: 9 out of 10

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