GoPower Plus – Review

GoPower Plus
Manufacturer: Kanex
Price: $60.00

GoPower Plus is a pocketable battery pack designed to charge iPhones, Android phones, and most other 5 Volt, 2 Amp devices. It has built-in surge protection and an 8000mAh capacity—enough to charge an iPhone 7 twice.

GoPower Plus includes a couple of unique features. There is a built-in micro-USB cable and hidden under it is a MFi-certified Lightning adapter that permits charging iOS devices as well as those requiring micro-USB. Under the built-in cable there is also a USB socket so that two devices can be charged simultaneously. When it is connected to a power source, GoPower Plus permits pass-through charging. There is a priority involved; your phone charges first and after it is full, the GoPower battery is charged.

The unit is just a bit smaller overall than iPhone 7 and a bit thicker. It’s clad in smooth anodized aluminum and is available in Space Gray, Gold, Rose Gold, and Matte Black. It weighs 6.8 ounces (192g).

Four tiny LEDs indicate how much charge remains. No button to press — just shake the charger and one to four lights will illuminate briefly. Charging an iPhone 7 from completely empty to a full charge takes about two hours but I found that mine was 20% full after about twenty minutes and 50% charged after about an hour. After charging my iPhone 7 once, the GoPower Plus still has more than 50% power remaining.

Apple has a fact-filled page on battery power management that is worth reading, but when you run out of power, a transfusion will save your bacon. This compact, well-made, 8000mAh power pack is tough enough to carry with you daily. To keep it scratch-free, Kanex even includes a handy drawstring pouch. If you travel often, GoPower Plus should be part of your kit.

MyMac Review rating is 9 out 0f 10.

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