MyMac Podcast 646: It’s all about the Lightning…C

It’s dawn here in MyMac land except for Gaz where it’s almost noon. We talk about the differences between certain things and Shinola, podcasting while traveling at ludicrous speed, what the iPad might be good for in the future, why the Lightning port isn’t going anywhere, and just why eyeteeth are so darn valuable. Also nah nah to the people that pooh-poohed Apple stock recently and the questionable benefits of parallel parking a 1968 Mercury Colony Park Station wagon.

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Guy’s Pick: Almost hate to do it, but Adobe’s Premiere Elements is a pretty good reasonably fully featured video editor and best of all, doesn’t require a subscription. $100 from Adobe
Gaz’s Pick: I’ve been using QS Access to get the health data from my phone, I have used the health App itself but to be honest the format it spits it out in is a bit of a pain, QS Access gives you a much better improved format to use the n extract. It’s free, and you have to give access to the App.

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