MyMac Podcast 643: Mac Users up in ARMS

So, Intel Macs? ARM based Macs? Just what’s coming down the road for Mac users everywhere? The GMen have their opinions which may or may not be based in anything that others consider reality. To be fair though, that’s never stopped them before.

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Guy’s Pick: MiDVD Pro from ShedWorx $9.99 on the Mac App Store. Do you miss iDVD and just how simple it was? Well this program will fill those “I need to send a DVD to grandma because she doesn’t get tech” blues in one simple easy to use package! It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that iDVD had, but you can add multiple movies, a soundtrack, and edit the titles. It also has a somewhat limited number of themes, but the message here is simplicity
Gaz’s Pick: I referred to it at the start but it ain’t cheap and that’s Screenflow.  $99
People’s (TIP) Allister Jenks recommends Pick: Affinity Photo

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