MyMac Podcast 640: Still Happy about the Mac…Mostly

The GMen are “generally” happy about the state of Apple but wish someone other than Tim Cook would be the speaker of new stuff. Lots of feedback and Karl Madden SINGS! Notice how I made it sound like that’s a GOOD thing.

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I’d love to be:- 1 Reason to Be Excited About Apple Inc.’s 2018 iMac Lineup
And Tim says we love the Mac (well not directly he didn’t).

Phil Schiller explains (defends) why the Mac Book Pro is limited (keeping costs down) to 16 GB
First impressions were wrong

Guy’s Pick: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare $19.99 at the Mac App Store. A fun shoot em up.
Gaz’s Pick: The compass App with added tip L:)

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