MyMac Podcast 638: New Year, Same GMen

It’s a new year and Gaz is back and Guy is…still Guy. They talk about Apple Cars, Mac and iOS not merging, how vinyl sales beat downloads in the UK, and Apple passing 20 million subscribers for Apple Music. Lot’s of other nonsense too because that’s what they do.

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So are they doing a car or not?
Apple hires former Porsche race car director for alleged ‘Project Titan‘ role

Apple confirms work on autonomous systems to transform ‘the future of transportation’

MAC OS & IOS Discussion
Why Apple Will Never Merge iOS and MacOS
UK vinyl sales made more money than music downloads early in December
Yet iTunes has great subscriptions!

Guy’s Pick: HandBreak is finally out of beta after nearly a gazillion years! Still free too.
Gaz’s Pick: Notes Used so much.

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