MyMac Podcast 637: Merrapy ChrisHannaKwansmas

Ah the joys of the holiday season is upon us so naturally many people are unhappy because they didn’t or won’t get some doodad they wanted! I say, look on the bright side, 2016 is almost over and a more screwed up year might be possible, but I wouldn’t want to live through it. Another solo show, kinda short because Guy is busy! He talks about all the recent gloom and doom surrounding the Apple press because that’s SO festive!

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Guy’s Pick: Need to record a Skype Conversation and need it to be easy? eCamm’s Call Recorder not only does that, but has additional tools if you want them to separated between what you say and what they say. Other tools include the ability to encode it in different formats and it’s all integrated with Skype! $30 which includes lifetime updates.

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