Geekiest Show Ever 240 – Gooquilibrium

This week it is Elisa, Melissa, Mike and Kevin. Yes believe it or not the gangs all here. We lead off with update to show recording schedule over the coming weeks.

Kevin starts out talking about his Comcast interaction this week and why he is going to purchase his own cable modem and possibly DVR over the coming months. Elisa and Melissa give some sage advice on what to consider when modem shopping and Mike offers recommendations for DVR alternatives.

We then move on to Melissa’s recent buying binge and all the goodies she has ordered. To make it easier for us to understand, she shares an informative PDF she put together. If you want to see it ask her and she will share it.

We close out the show with our picks as always. Elisa follows on with her pick last week by choosing a Sonos Playbar. Which we then discuss the type of audio it simulates. We move to Melissa’s pick of the Wish App and how it let’s her compare prices and avoid middlemen. Mike has interesting little Drone to fly around and annoy his neighbors and pets. Kevin wraps up with the most expensive pick to date, the Relaxman Relaxation Capsule. If you do nothing else go read the questions asked.

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