OEH200 Studio-Grade On-Ear Headphones for Kids – Review


OEH200 Studio-Grade On-Ear Headphones for Kids
Puro Sound Labs
$40 U.S. with free USA shipping and a 30-day return policy


Editor’s note: This product is designed for children and for schools, with a built-in volume limit for ear protection. The company claims they are “waterproof and lice proof.” 


My name is Cassius Moore. I’ve always wanted my own headphones and Puro’s OEH200 Studio-Grade On-Ear Headphones for Kids are amazing. First I listened on my mom’s iPhone, and my music and games sound great. They are comfy to wear in the car and in the house. I like them more than ear buds cause I don’t like how ear buds feel.


The color is cool, red! Easy to find them. These headphones are so fun on road trips. I even tried the headphones for my piano practice and they sound great. I highly recommend the super red headphones and give them a MyMac Review Rating of 9 out of 10.

Cassius Moore
3rd grade, 8 years old

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