MyMac Podcast 633: Airport Alternative Black Friday Christmas Trees

A long title for a short(ish) show. Apple may stop making routers, Jony Ive make a forrest in a hotel, crappy Apple deals, and Frankenstein loves Christmas! How can two men make a show out of such diverse topics? They really don’t know either, and one of them seems lacking in brains. Or claims that anyway

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Long time listener and contributer Mark Sheppard has a GoFundMe page to help with expenses for his Dad and his health problems. If you can, please visit the page and give what you can. The contributor wish Mark and his family all the best.

Guy’s Pick: Those nostalgic for alternative live Batman movies should check out the Batman serials from the 1940’s now on DVD available from Amazon. Goofy fun!
Gaz’s Pick: I pinched this pick and am trying out this weekend DashCam™ this turns your iPhone into a Dashcam for your car. It’s free and no knapp purchases (as far as I can see)

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