BlueAnt Pump Soul Bluetooth Headphones – Review

BlueAnt Pump Soul Bluetooth Headphones
Company: BlueAnt
Price: $119.99 USD MSRP


BlueAnt continues to show how headphones should be done, and as far as I can see, they have done it again with the Pump Soul headphones. Designed to be worn while the user is active or working out, sweat proof and utilizing antimicrobial materials, the Bluetooth headphones give the user an on-the-ear experience rather than an in-ear experience.

As with all Blue Ant headphones, the first thing you notice that the packaging is well designed. The interior contains a pouch that houses the headphones which fold up and fit inside the pouch. First impressions show that time was taken to consider every aspect from the packaging to the headphones being collapsible and to the pouch that they come in. Inside the pouch you will also find the micro USB cable used to charge the headphones. Blue Ant also provides a small written manual covering each control and usage.







I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of sound of these on-the-ear headphones. The Pump Soul delivered on the sound quality, with the powerful bass present and highs and mid tones readily enjoyable. The frequency response of the headphones was 20-20,000 Hz. No matter what I played, I was very pleased to hear quality sound coming out the of headphones. The cushioning worked like a charm, also helping to prevent outside noise from drifting in or out. As with any item I’ve evaluating or using, I put the Pump Soul headphones through the wringer. Switching from in-the-ear earbuds, I was concerned at first with the capability of the headphones to remain in place while I ran or worked out. Not one problem arose during my evaluation; doing my morning run they remained exactly where I had placed them. Another nice point was if I was working out at the gym, the headphones provided outside noise damping, at least for me, so that whatever “music” was being played in the gym, it did not reach my ears while I ran or worked out to my music tastes.

Another nice aspect of the Pump Soul headphones is that it will connect to your device, be it iPhone/phone or Bluetooth capable computer but still remain a headphone capable of connecting by a 3.5 mm headphone jack cable that Blue Ant has provided in the carrying case (48”/1.2 meter length).  All of the controls for the unit are located on the right earpiece exterior. Located in the center of the right earpiece is the On/Off button, which if you hold depressed for 2 seconds, the light flashes blue and will turn on the headphones; depress for 3 seconds and the light flashes red and the headphones turn off.  To pair the unit, one simply holds the center button for 5 seconds, check your phone for the headphones and select BlueAnt Pump Soul. Done!


Controlling the volume and switching tracks was a breeze with the controller, pressing the top button on the right earpiece raises the volume, pressing the bottom button and the volume is lowered. The button on the left side of the right earpiece brings your phone to the previous song while the button on the right jumps to the next song. If you receive a phone call while using the Pump Soul and you wish to answer, click the center button once. To end a call, one press on the center button and you’ve hung up. If you wish to not answer or reject a call, you just double click on the center multifunction button. If you want to make a call, you double click on the center button and tell your phone to call whomever you wish. In my tests, as long as you speak in your normal voice, the person on the other end will hear you clearly. The mike is located on the bottom of the right earpiece. The headphones are Bluetooth 4.1 capable and the ability to maintain the link with my iPhone within 50 feet was never a problem.  Another really nice aspect of the headphones is that with a 1-hour charge they will provide you with over 24-hours of play time. In over two weeks, I have not had to recharge the headphones with them averaging over 1-2 hours of use a day.

The one minor issue that I did have with the headphones is that I have a large sized head and while the headphones easily fit on my head and rested properly on my ears, they were at the maximum position. They did maintain contact at all times and did not loosen up or slide off of my ears no matter what physical activity I was engaged in.


*Presentation of the headphones is superb. Nicely packaged, great case, clearly defined accessories.

*Headphones are solidly built.

*A user guide is also included and the headphones come with a limited 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

*Control of the headphones when used with an iPhone or other phone is easy to do, located in a readily accessible location.

*The ability to connect via a 48” cable with jacks is a well thought out idea.

* A 1-hour charge provides 24-hours of play time.

Cons: My only minor item was that the headphones were at their maximum position on my head, nowhere else to go.

Pump Soul Headphones come in Black, Black Rose Gold and Teal.


All in all, I give the BlueAnt Pump Soul Headphones a My Mac rating of 9 out of a possible 10.

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