The iPhone 7 Really is the Best iPhone Yet

In what was possibly the worst kept secret in technology, Apple recently announced that its flagship product was getting an upgrade—the iPhone 7. When Apple CEO Tim Cook got to the stage—after some carpool karaoke with James Corden—at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, most were not surprised by the news but Apple being Apple still had a few surprises up its sleeve. Cook said the iPhone 7 is, “the best iPhone we have ever created.” Of course, Cook would say that but here at Lifehack, we are inclined to agree.

Increased Storage and New iOS

The first thing most will notice when comparing iPhone models is increased storage size. Apple has prudently abandoned the laughably small storage amount of 16GB and doubled the base model in size to 32GB of storage. Higher tier versions were also double to 128GB and 256GB. By the way, when you upgrade you may want to move some of your old files from your old iOS device; here are some tools you should know about.

iOS 10 will launch with iPhone 7 and it is much improved over 9.3—even though we still love it. Siri gets smarter and can even control third-party apps, and include new functionality for Messaging like showing shared media, via images and links, within chat transcripts.

Dust and Water Resistant

One of the most popular features of the new iPhone 7 is its resistance to dust and water. Officially, the iPhone 7 has IP rating of IP67. IP codes are set by the International Electrotechnical Commission. The first digit of the two-digit code represents protection from solid objects. It runs from 0-6. The second digit represents protection from water and runs from 0-8. In short, the 7 has the highest possible rating from protection from dust and the second highest rating for protection from water.

Lighter Phone in Same Dimensions

The iPhone 7 dimensions are the same as its predecessors—138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm but it does come in lighter; the 6S was a hefty 143g while the iPhone 7 is 138g. So while the identical dimensions mean you can probably reuse your old case, it is a good a time as any to update your case as well. iPhone 7 cases by companies like Bodyguardz protect your phone from impact using the same technology athletes use for protection from impact.

But if you were hoping for the camera to be flush into the aluminum frame, you will be disappointed. However, you might be excited to know the camera bulge houses the antennas on the Black and Jet Black versions hiding the unsightly bands. Silver, gold, and rose gold versions still show the bands.

New Colors

As mentioned above, the iPhone 7 introduces two new colors to the stable: Black and Jet Black. Of course, silver, gold, and rose gold are still options while Space Gray makes a dignified exit.

Stereo Speakers and Brighter Display

Built into iPhone 7 are stereo speakers. Speakers are located at the base of the device and top, providing with louder and higher quality audio. Additionally, while the screen size and resolution remain the same—4.7 inches and 1334×750 respectively—Apple has turned up the brightness. Get ready for a bolder graphic experience. For gamers, cinephiles, and audiophiles in your life, this is huge. And while we are on the subject of films, check out these 10 films you need to watch to be successful.

No Headphone Jack

They finally did it. It was only a matter of time before someone got rid of the analog headphone jack and who better to lead the way than Apple. Sure, Motorola technically did it first, but most people understand Apple is the standard by which most follow. It will take some getting used to but the iPhone 7 comes with Lightning EarPods that you can plug directly into the Lightning port and an adapter that allows you to continue using your old earbuds. If you want to go completely wireless, Apple offers Bluetooth earbuds for purchase.

Larger, Faster, and More Efficient Camera

The rear camera has a larger new 12MP sensor and the front-facing camera upgrades to 7MP from 5MP. The iPhone 7 includes Optical Image Stabilization which previously was only available on the iPhone 6S Plus. Its wide-aperture lens allows more light in—50% to be precise—and uses power 30% more efficiently. The new phone also creates better pictures by using a flicker sensor that comes in handy when in settings of artificial light.

Increased Battery Power

Apple states that with an upgrade to an iPhone 7, users can expect two hours more battery life than previous models, making this the longest-lasting iPhone battery ever. At Lifehack—as will most of you—we cannot wait to test out Apple’s claims. An extra two hours battery life is massive in the mobile device industry.

Bottom Line

You need to get this phone. If you have yet to pre-order you may soon be out of luck so move fast.

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