What is VR and Will Apple Join Virtual Reality Race in 2017?

The concept of Virtual Reality was introduced in the 90s. The idea came out when Gaming companies jumped in, big names like Sega & Nintendo. Their attempt was to make & sell Virtual Reality headsets with the games. Although at that time it was just a concept.

The technology was ready in 2012emerged and strengthened. With its popularity, big names came forward like Facebook and made a purchase by buying Oculus RIFT in 2014 for $2b.

VR is a hardware headset. You have to wear it out like glasses. Inside there are screens capable of displaying 3D. You will have to adjust your cell phone inside just in front of lenses. You can adjust the vision accordingly. When you move, 3D screen inside also moves & so does the image, and you get the feeling of ‘Virtual’ world.

Now they are becoming very popular in Gaming and Entertainment fields. They display two images, which provides illusion till depth, which is the feature of CAVE.

Virtual Reality Future

Until humans are curious & experimenting, we will invent more. Same went for VR; a concept will dive into games through Nano-VR & Cave VR. Further, it will go towards wireless; Intel just launched headset, and they named it ‘Project Alloy.’ Its headset is everything; it has its PC stored in it.

Augmented Reality was a headline hit when Google in 2012 demonstrated with a display of 2D images.

How Microsoft can stay behind, their HOLOLENS embeds a 3D image. As per AppReal-VR Unity and Unreal Engine are the two big names of 3D technology. It can see, hear and interact with hologram within your environment like your office setup or living area.

Where Apple stands

Virtual reality remained dream from several years then took a boost during last few months. 

Why is tech giant like Apple is behind the race?

Somerumors say Apple is in the game and scanning concept from last ten years based on the patent.  Not very far-in-future Apple virtual reality will be a product. Notorious Apple is in pounding but cuffing VR seems difficult.

Apple Virtual Reality will be a product and they could be linking it to Maps, Camera-Filters through headsets. Apple’s focus is always on uniqueness, to present something to its Class of Users with something that is with some fantastic features as compared to one present in the market. Enhancing them in a way you feel awesome. The big question is here, Apple’s awesomeness will be able to compete with Oculus Rift or Microsoft HOLOLENS? Stay tuned, wait-and-watch.

Rumors say Apple Virtual Reality is under prototype. Apple is taking time; analysts think more they wait more challenging it will be for Apple itself. VR-Market has grown enormous in past several months & it’s evolving. To keep Apple’s names, they have to bring something which is a BIG to surprise its users & more importantly for its competitors.

CEO on Apple Virtual Reality

Tim Cook, an American business executive & Apple CEO in an interview to ‘Good Morning America,’ took keen interest to in Questions related to Virtual Reality & described Apple’s stance. He added Augmented Reality is ‘Larger of Two’ later he added “fewer people will be interested in that, but there are some cool areas there for education and gaming that we have a lot of interest in.” seems Apple is interested in something fresh & more interesting.

It is also a rumor Apple is more interested in Augmented reality as compared to VR. They did express same at few places and it’s been widely in talk over different newspapers, blogs, YouTube channels and topic of technology analysts.

If we analyze it whatever Tim Cook is saying has worth. Google Glass launched in 2012 was considered as a flop. Maybe it was because at that time technology was new people were hesitant to adopt or purchase. Mostly People wait for technology to get strength, less error-prone.

Augmented reality apps like smash-hits &Pokemon Go. What they do is while you are walking you uses smartphone GPS and camera to play the game. This thing received a tremendous market acceptance. So, if Apple is going to add augmented reality, it will be first big tech company doing this.

How is Apple into ‘Virtual Reality’?

  1. Facebook is top-buyer till now by purchasing Oculus Rift in $2b. Apple hasn’t done such thing rather they bought four start-ups firms specialized in similar technologies.
    1. Metaio(A German company, their specialty is they built a Digital Furniture App)
    2. FlyBy (They remain attached with two big giants that are Apple & Google. Right now their focus is to on technology like Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality)
    3. PrimeSense (They are special in camera & video-sensor hardware)
    4. FaceShift (They can transform your face into 3D cartoon, their app is big-hit & widely used)
  2. Apple Store products with VR & AR are selling very fast. Which is a sign & very clear to Apple that they can’t ignore?
  3. Jeremy Bailenson (Human Interaction Lab Operator in Stanford University) shared:  “Apple hasn’t come to my lab in 13 years — except they’ve come three times in the last three months. They come, and they don’t say a word, but there’s a data point for you,”

What’s Next?

The way Virtual Reality is growing its seems it doesn’t need Apple to build however, it will be excellent for Apple that they adopt Virtual Reality. The thing is you have to attract your product users in every single way. Retaining a customer is important.

Now Apple needs a new hit, iPhone is their big massive hit still they faced a decline in sales for the first time in their history. They have to bring & keep themselves in the race.

Apple may be expecting a Splash in virtual reality, but it’s little late already. Still, it depends on what they are going to bring in the market.

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