Darkiron Direct H5 Wireless Stereo Earbuds – Review

H5 Wireless Stereo Earbuds
Darkiron Direct
H5 wireless earbuds
Price: $28 U.S.


The H5 Wireless Earbuds deliver clear audio and twelve hours of music before needing to be recharged. These earbuds are designed for athletes. H5 will hook securely behind the ears when running or cycling. The Bluetooth version 4.1 quickly synced with my iPhone and maintained its connection throughout a 30 miles bicycle ride. All Bluetooth earphones are supposed to do that but some are more temperamental than others.

H5 feels substantial. Its short thick cable rests on the back of the user’s neck and the earbuds hook over the ears. They come with two different sized ear cups, making it easy to come up with a fit for most ear configurations.

Controls on the H5 support voice control, redial last phone number, and scan forward for moving between tracks. The manufacturer says H5 will maintain its charge for eleven hours of talk time, and twelve if you’re listening to music.

H5 is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and non-Apple similar devices. Like most Bluetooth devices, it can pair with an audio source up to about 33 feet away.

Audio quality is excellent for voice communication, and is adequate but not remarkable for listening to music. If you’re looking for thumping bass, look elsewhere.

MyMacReview Rating is 7 out of 10.

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