DELUXE FOLIO MobilePro Series for iPad Pro with Bluetooth Keyboard – Review

DELUXE FOLIO MobilePro Series for iPad Pro with Bluetooth Keyboard
Company: Fellowes Brands
Price: U.S. $90 Folio Case, U.S. $62 Bluetooth Keyboard


This DELUXE FOLIO MobilePro Series for iPad Pro is a folio case and optional Bluetooth keyboard that I definitely like. The case fits precisely by simply snapping the iPad Pro into into detachable stand. The stand provides for both landscape and portrait iPad orientation while attached or unattached to the folio carrying case.

Figure 2

I like that the stand is detachable, allowing the user to easily use the camera without the folio interfering. The stand attaches and detaches from the folio using a spring loaded release mechanism.

Figure 3

The base of the stand folds into the back of the iPad case assembly and is retained magnetically. The stand provides three viewing angles, both in landscape and portrait modes (vertical and horizontal orientation).

Figure 4

The optional Bluetooth keyboard pairs easily with the iPad Pro (iOS) following the seven steps provided in the keyboard setup instructions. Touch screen functions remain active while using the keyboard. To return to just iOS, you simply hold down the Fn key and press the Q key and the turn off the keyboard. Turning the keyboard back on reconnects via Bluetooth. The keyboard will sleep after being idle for 15 minutes and is awakened by holding down any key and waiting for three seconds.

Figure 5

The Bluetooth keyboard uses a lithium battery and is rechargeable using the supplied micro-USB to USB charging cable. There is an indicator that lights red when the keyboard requires charging. When fully charged, the red light will turn off. You are cautioned not to charge the keyboard for more than four hours. The battery working time is approximately 90 hours with a 90 day standby time. The battery life is three years but the keyboard is not serviceable.

I do not touch type but still find the keys to be comfortable and work fine for my skills. I used the keyboard while writing this review on my iPad Pro. Being able to type on a keyboard and use the touch features of iOS is an interesting experience.

The keyboard case matches the folio case and can be attached to the folio magnetically. The folio case is well made, softly lined on the interior with a multitude of storage areas. Two pockets are available for business cards, plus two loops provide for holding a stylus, Apple Pencil, an ink pen or pencil. A letter size pad of paper comes with the folio and it can be setup for either right or left hand use. There is also a full size side pocket for storing your paperwork or other items such as the charging cable.

Figure 6

The exterior is made of what Fellowes refers to as Ballistic nylon. The material feels rugged and looks very smart and business like. The folio closes up nicely and is held shut using a magnetic closure tab. The folio case can also be used with the Apple Smart Case or Smart Keyboard.

I personally like using a folio style case with my iPad Pro mainly for the additional storage spaces they provide. This Fellowes folio case DELUXE FOLIO MobilePro Series for iPad Pro provides ample storage space and, with the optional Bluetooth keyboard, makes it an excellent choice for my use. I give the folio case and Bluetooth keyboard a MyMac 10 out of 10 review rating.

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