Best Pokies game on Mac and I phone

The usual casino hall becomes intimidating for someone who has never stepped into one. But that does not mean that one should lock themselves out of popular slot machines that offer an interesting way to kill time. And Royal Vegas online casino is making sure that the experience is less intimidating and more fun and realistic to participate in.

So if you’ve been yearning to get a chance of playing slot machines, you can do so even on your MAC or iPhone. There are no restrictions or etiquette to follow. And most importantly, you don’t have to reveal to anyone that you are an avid fan of casinos. Your gadget is your personal property, and you can use it to play any of the 5 slot machines in the comfort of your home.

Perhaps you should also read about early release Pokie Review: Dragonz and find out what the slot machine has to offer for iOS users. But meanwhile, here’s the promised list of the top 5 slot machines for Mac and iPhone users.

1 Slotomania

This is a newly-released app by an Israeli app developer called Playtika. It’s an app for iOS users, and it allows users to send coins to friends among other things like free spins or gifts. This app keeps getting updated to ensure that players will make the most out of their time playing Slotomania. Just in case you didn’t know, Slotomania is a video-based slot machine.

2 Double Down casino

This is a popular iOS slot machine that has achieved an impressive number of downloads. But it requires users to have a Facebook account. The app comes with a few other slot machines that have 7 different themes to pick from. Jackpots and buy-in amounts depend with the theme you’ve chosen.

3 Slot Megapack 2

This one was created by Pokie Magic to feature 3 different slot machines namely Dragon dollars, Monkey money, Totem treasure 2. All slot games follow the same method of winning, although they come with different themes in this app. There is also the chance to win bonuses with every attempt to play a slot game. Of course Pokie Magic also incorporated high quality graphics and audio to keep it fun.

4 Slots house of fun

This is a collection of 5 different slot machines in one app. The developer created an option that allows users to send gifts to friends and also to receive them as well. Through Facebook credits, one can buy coins as well. Slots house of fun is always free to download from the iOS app store.

5 Spin palace

This slot machine has huge progressive jackpots plus a bonus of $1000 for every sign up. Once you open the app, you can find a wide range of video slot machines to play. There are 30 of them to be exact. Spin Palace is also endowed with free slot games to enjoy in your leisure time.

And of course you can access iOS slot games at Royal Vegas online casino as well. This is one of the richest online casinos in terms of game offering, so you can’t go wrong with this casino provided you own a Mac or an iPhone. One last thing’ if you’re looking for an online casino that gives generous bonuses, Royal Vegas online casino is the place to go to. Players have a wide range of bonuses here which actually help give them a good head-start.

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