A Newbie’s Guide to Gears for Ears

Hearing aids help people with impaired hearing by reducing the difficulties they experience while hearing. Even though these Gears For Ears do not restore the ear’s natural hearing ability, they greatly assist the people with limited hearing.

It takes time for new users to get used to hearing aids and how to maintain them so that they function properly. Dramatic hearing improvements are not possible overnight, but with time, as the individual gets used to it, the hearing gets better. There’s a learning curve so to speak.

It is important to not get discouraged during this stage as it takes time to fully come to terms with the benefits of hearing aids. On one hand, hearing loss cannot be completely compensated through hearing aids, but hearing impaired people can certainly function better with a hearing aid or device.

Problems such as hearing aids constantly falling off, raw and sore skin due to sustained use and exposure to sounds which were not audible before, makes it a rough journey for new users. Fortunately, there are premium quality accessories available that helps users adapt to their hearing aids and maintain them well. GearsforEars products are considered the best and highest quality hearing aid accessories currently available in the market and greatly help people get better use out of their aids.

These are some of the products available that greatly help hearing aid users in their quest for better hearing:

Spandex Nylon Sleeve

These sleeves are water resistant and protect hearing aids from rain, dust, sweat and wind noise. With nylon sleeves on, hearing aids are more comfortable to wear and it also helps to prevent them from falling. Nylon sleeves are easily washable and can be worn every day. These sleeves are available in different colors and can add a touch of fashion and style to your hearing aid.


Sweatbands absorb and retain sweat before it gets a chance to reach your hearing aid. In addition, they also help increase the lifespan of your device. They are easily washable and are very useful in keeping hearing aids safe from moisture.

Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing aids are designed to amplify sounds, including unwanted noise in the background, which makes for an unpleasant experience. With each new model, companies try to eliminate unwanted noise in busier or high-noise surroundings, but we are still far from a complete solution to this problem.

There are assistive listening devices which help you hear clearly in a complex environment where sound is coming from all directions. They contain a microphone which is usually placed on a table and can digitally analyze meaningful parts of speech and amplify it, while effectively eliminating unwanted sounds. It is of great use in conferences and meetings for the hearing impaired. 

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