MyMac Podcast 611: Update Upgrade

The old question pops up again. Is it better to update your Mac for a new (or newer) one or upgrade your existing one? Apple seems to be making that choice easier these days but in an odd way. Many Macs just simply can’t be upgraded at all. The Gmen talk about this serious question, but in their own way. So that means the question remains.

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Guy’s App Pick: Metro Last Light by Fishlabs $4.99 First person post apocalypse shooter. Lots of fun and cheap for what you get but check hardware requirements as even on a Mac Pro the cut scenes got a little choppy
Gaz’s App Pick: There’s only one reason I’ve picked this as my pick because I haven’t tried yet my self, so be warned the one, ONE reason I picked this app was because of it’s name. Mind you I think Guy and I might well be giving it a go!

OK OK I can’t really pick an App because of it’s name so here’s one that I’ve just and I do mean just started to try, it’s free which could be a concern as I don’t yet know where the income stream comes from. But this lets you maperise (that’s an Americanism) your world and take note of places you go to and love. It’s received some awards and the reviews are favorable, you can share places with friends, so looking for a place to eat that could be useful. Go take a look. MAPSTR
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