MyMac Podcast 609: WW…TGMD

Two weeks in a row and the GMen manage to get another show out under an hour. Is it kismet? Fate? A lucid and tight conversation between two professionals who know EXACTLY what they’re talking about? You’re kidding right? They do all the usual stuff and give some thought (HA!) to the upcoming WWDC, because that’s what Apple podcasts are supposed to do.

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Guy’s App Pick: As much as I complained about intrusive and privacy reducing services last week, Amazon has one that’s really nifty for aspiring screenwriters with not much money (which can probably be said of ALL aspiring screenwriters). Amazon’s Storywriter cloud writing app has many features including built in elements for the different parts of your story. It keeps track of your characters and auto fills them in as you create them. Certainly not as fully featured as stand-alone applications, but for getting your feet wet it’s great. You can also submit your screenplay to Amazon for consideration for…something, since they now make their own content as well.
Gaz’s App Pick: The way in app purchases work Ripple Training, do some free lessons for you to test their full package before buying all or some of the lessons this is the way in apps work well.

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