MyMac Podcast 608: Customer or Product?

Free stuff is always great right? Except for when it isn’t. Gaza and Guy discuss some of the pluses and minuses-es-es of free online services. The only price you pay for this podcast is listening to it! OH! And there’s a now Patreon link in case you DO want to pay for it, but you don’t have to.

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Guy’s App Pick: I know I picked a free video editor last week, but someone recommended DaVinci’s Resolve video editor and I can’t find where that happened! Much less confusing interface and it’s just as free. OR you can buy the full version which has a lot of what looks like cool collaboration features for $995.
Gaz’s App Pick: Simple, private, free access to the open Internet you love. Tunnel Bear, no they aren’t a sponsor, no I don’t get any free subscriptions, but I do use this App certainly on my IOS devices. Free 500mb of Data or you can subscribe on a monthly basis via the IOS App store for unlimited data. It’s a good app that so far for me has worked flawlessly.

There are lots of reasons why you’d want to use this App, I’ve popped a link from their site to tell you why you might use an App like this A full plan can be purchased within the app for $6.99 monthly, or $49.99 yearly this includes Mac’s and IOS devices (I think)

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