The best apps of 2017 for iPhone.

We are all used to having our good old apps but what about giving our phone a bit of a revamping and adding a few new applications you didn’t even know exist? In this article we would like to help you out a little bit and provide a comprehensive list of the apps we think are the current best.

  1. Waze

It’s ok if you have a built-in GPS and we all know all the good things about google and its maps. But let’s face it: Google has its limits: it’s slow and it won’t provide you with any traffic related information. Waze however is built in a whole community and on the news they provide to it: therefore wherever you want to go it will show you the very best way to do so. It will also show you where the police are, where there is traffic jam and what points you should avoid altogether. It’s so good it’s quickly become the most downloaded apps in 2017.

  1. Photoshop Fix

This app will instantly breathe new life in your photos. It’s like an insta-Photoshop on your phone. It will make your photos look nicer, brighter and higher in quality in a few seconds. It’s of course the most ideal for selfie –fans.

  1. Uber

There is literally no one living in larger cities who wouldn’t have heard of Uber. This is a cheap cab service which operates throughout the world and operates on much better rates than taxis do. The app will show you the closest Uber drivers and makes it very easy to call an Uber to where you are.

  1. Google Trips

Google has made a major app again which is much useful for those who travel a lot. This app gives you the chance to do everything from one single application. No more need for single apps to handle everything separately. Google trips can do it as an all-in-one app for you.

  1. Evernote

If you are the type to forget about everything and who needs one source to keep track of anything and everything, then Evernote is the app to use for you. You can download, upload, mark pages, take notes, and create alerts all in the same place. Its data will never go lost.

  1. Mint

This is a great app for budget planning. You can install everything in one place setup the limits and also enter everything what you are spending for it to create the perfect plan for you. The app even includes reminders for you as to what to pay and when to pay them. This is the perfect tool for you to keep your budget in good hands.

  1. Prisma

If you want to have the best ever photo filters than you shouldn’t miss out on Prisma. The app contains an incredible choice and quality of photo filters.

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