MyMac Podcast 603: HMS Appletanic

Gaz is off this week so Karl Madden of various other podcasts near and dear to our hearts graciously consented to join Guy on this week’s podcast. Karl, because of your dedication, the photos will not be released to the general public and your check is in the mail. They talk about Apple’s latest financials, butchers that perform eye surgery, how to turn Guy into a 3 year old (like anyone would notice), consumerism, Apple Watches, politics, and just how old can a Mac get and still be productive. Or in Guy’s case, stop being a cheapskate and get new stuff!

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Guy’s App Pick: Audio Converter Pro $6.99 in the Mac App Store
Gaz’s App Pick: Not this week
Karl’s App Pick: Jabra Move Bluetooth Headphones $85 & £53
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