MyMac Podcast 599: 1 before 600


So even after nearly an entire show talking about good backup strategy, Guy manages to hose his main user account because he’s…Guy. They talk about that, new Apple stuff, and more bitterness with iPads going to 256GB of storage not all that long after Guy bought a 128GB iPad Pro.

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Guy’s App Pick: For budding podcasters that don’t want to spend a lot of time and money with gear and set up, take a look at Cast. You can bring in guests to also chat without using Skype or other VOIP services, they save files either together or separately, and have some basic post-editing (VERY basic) along with ways to drop in prerecorded ads and whatnot after the fact. Their plans start at $10 a month which gives you 10 hours of recording time, unlimited editing and storage, and an RSS feed. Also basic analytics

Gaz’s App Pick: Affinity Photo for Mac, Photo’s extensions and lots of photo editing goodness. 39.99 but it was on offer for a while at 29.99 so I grabbed it with my 20% vouchers I have in iTunes so it only cost me 24 gbp, see I told you keeping an eye out for the 20% iTunes vouchers is a good tip. But this is still a great App even at 39.99

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