MyMac Podcast 594: The Quandary of Pandora’s Box

So Apple is in a bit of a pickle these days. Seems everyone from the UK to New York to California wants them to create a way to break into iOS devices without the owner’s password. They want it SO bad they’re actually willing to quote an obscure 200+ year old law to do so. Because you know, the founding fathers were TOTALLY into smart phones.

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App Picks:
Guy’s App Pick: Does everyone like kitties? Who DOESN’T like kitties? Well if you have a cat that is currently dominating your home (because that’s what cats do), do them a favor and try out this product. While not all cats like catnip, those that do will likely go nuts for a wrestle wrat. Both our cats loved the one we had which is why we’ve had to order a few more as they disemboweled our original one. Seriously this thing is like crack for cats. Ignore the late 90s/early aughts look of the website, this is a quality cat product. $7.00
Gaz’s App Pick: Use your keyboard to place your current app

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