Cherry Windows keyboard for serious Mac typing – Part 1 – Nemo Memo

Cherry JD-0700EU Entry Level Wireless Desktop Set
Black keyboard and mouse with white keys
$30 to $46 online U.S.
See Amazon U.S. store link


I am typing this text on a very pleasant black wireless keyboard with white laser-made characters. Cherry’s new JD-0700EU Entry Level Wireless Desktop Set (abbreviated below as JD7) ships with batteries for both keyboard and mouse. A single USB receiver inserts into your Macintosh and connects instantly with both pieces of equipment. This receiver stows in the bottom of the mouse when not in use.

The all black two-button 1200 dpi mouse has a black on/off switch and an Optical High Precision sensor on the bottom surface. Left and right clicks work perfectly on a Mac. The black scroll wheel is responsive. This symmetrical mouse is great for both left and right hand mousing for almost all hand sizes.

JD7’s keyboard is full size, including programmable function keys 1-8. Function keys 9-12 perform typical Mac screen functions. Cherry provides custom keys at the right end of the top row that are PC-compatible. If you need a fully Mac-compatible keyboard, you can customize any JD7 key on your Mac. There are Control and Alt keys to the left and right of the Space Bar, and two Windows master keys that work as Command keys out of the box. The Scroll key dims a Mac’s screen, and the Pause key makes the screen brighter. There do not appear to be any keys for volume loud/soft on a Mac.

This is an excellent keyboard for serious typing. The keys have full up/down range with a firm feel to the finger tips and a pleasant, responsive clicking sound. If you need absolute silence in the room where you type, this keyboard is not the one for you. I prefer to raise the rear of the keyboard using the included pop-out legs that are at an ideal angle for my hand positions.

JD-0700EU Entry Level Wireless Desktop Set was developed for and is marketed to full time typists and writers using Windows equipment in a well lit room. Mac users who need an affordable, professional, reliable wireless keyboard and mouse should consider this combo product.

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