MyMac Podcast 552: A million Apple Servers screamed, and then were silent

Remember how last week it was a short show? This week, not so much. Guy really likes Photos from OS X 10.10.3, but Gaz hasn’t yet pulled the trigger. But Gaz HAS seen an Apple Watch and Guy hasn’t which makes him a jealous boy. They also talk about the Star Wars movies now in iTunes, MacBooks, and how PC sales seem to keep falling as Mac sales go up. Weird.

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Mac BBQ:
Guy’s App Pick : Tomb Raider by Feral Interactive. $39.99 on the Mac App Store though I picked it up for half price during a special.
Gaz’s Pick: Accountz £39.00
People’s Pick: Allister Jenks: Oh, and no people’s pick? I don’t recall hearing my mention of MindNode.

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