Otterbox Symmetry Series Case for IPhone 6 – Review

Symmetry Series Case for iPhone 6
Company: Otterbox
$39.95-$44.95 (depending on color/pattern option)


When it comes to iOS gear the one name that everyone seems to know is Otterbox. With the Symmetry Series Case for iPhone 6 Otterbox has brought protection and style to the new iPhone 6, without full on protection you get in other models they sell. One might call this “Otterbox Light.”

The case itself is no slouch. It is make of a synthetic rubber on the interior and the outside has a polycarbonate shell. The combination of the two gives a nice looking dual color look and a lot of protection. The interior color provides a raised front to the case and also covers the buttons. The outer color takes care of the back and the rest of the edges of the phone. This combination also makes for a thick, but light weight, case. If you are not a fan of thick cases, this is not for you. Buttons and ports are all easily accessible. The mute switch is also accessible, which I have found to be a trouble spot on many cases.


One more note on the design of the case. Many of them take away the curve of the new iPhones. This case still maintains the curve as much as it can with its thickness. It does not square off the phone like many iPhone 6 cases are doing. Personally, I prefer the curved form factor of the new phones and don’t want a case forcing back to the rectangular design of the 4 and 5.

What isn’t protected is the areas of the phone above and below the screen. (Of course, the screen is not protected, but Otterbox has a fantastic screen protector which I will get to later.) However, the Symmetry Series Case will definitely protect your iPhone 6 in most instances that it would need protection.

As far as putting the phone into the case, it was not impossible, but not the easiest experience. The case is very snug and this makes it harder to get the phone into it. The snugness makes it even more difficult to remove the phone. This is the type of case you put your phone in and leave it there. No flip flopping phone cases.

At about $40, the Symmetry Series Case may be a little pricey for some, but with Otterbox you get what you pay for.

Earlier I mentioned screen protection. When sending me the case, Otterbox also sent me their Alpha Glass Screen Protecter (retail price is $29.95). I did not even know that glass screen protectors existed that weren’t the thin sheets of plastic film. For those who are like I was, this is a thin piece of glass that goes over the screen and protects from scratches and more. Yes, it is real glass.

Not only was the Alpha Glass easy to apply, it made the screen brighter than the films and I immediately noticed fewer to no fingerprints on my screen. It is fantastic! Now, because of the curved edge of the new iPhone it does not go edge to edge. It covers slightly more then the touch screen width and goes right to the curve on the top and bottom of the phone.

I have to say I love this screen protector. I think I like it better than the case itself. Once again, it is a bit pricey, but it is well worth it. I just wish they made an iPad version.

In summary, the Otterbox Symmetry Series Case is a great case. It isn’t for everyone, but it will definitely protect your iPhone in a great looking way. In addition to the case, I highly recommend the Alpha Glass, even if you don’t buy the case. It is the best screen protector I have tried for any of my iOS devices. I really like it. rating for the Symmetry Series Case 8 out of 10 rating for the Alpha Glass 9 out of 10

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