Commuter Series Wallet Case for iPhone 6 – Review

Commuter Series Wallet Case for iPhone 6
Company: Otterbox
Price: $39.90 – $49.90 USD


Having just evaluated and reviewed Otterbox’s Commuter series case for the iPhone 6, it’s also time to take a look at the Wallet case for the iPhone 6. Similar in design and build as the Commuter case, there is one striking difference. The Commuter Wallet series case is designed to be your all-you’ll-ever need iPhone case.

With the advent of Apple going to offer iPhone users the ability to use Apple Pay, hopefully doing away with the need to carry all of your credit cards around with you, there is still a need for something to hold your ID, driver’s license,  maybe a credit card and some cash if you are thinning out your wallet. Why not have a case for the iPhone that allows you to secret away some of those items as part of your iPhone package?

The Commuter Wallet series, like the regular Commuter series case, is designed to be stylish, protect your iPhone from the everyday bumps, scrapes and dings plus give the user the ability to still maintain the accessibility to those items that may be needed as one goes through their day.

Slipping on the two-part case is quick and easy as anything. Simply slip the silicone inner layer over your iPhone 6, making sure that it is snug and properly positioned over the iPhone’s buttons. Once you’ve done that, then you simply place your iPhone into the polycarbonate outer shell.  If you are totally into protecting your iPhone, Otterbox does provide a clear self-adhering screen protector that you can place over the iPhone’s screen. The Commuter Wallet series case fits like a glove on the iPhone, same as the Commuter case, no play or being loose at any point. Access to all of the ports and to buttons was right on, no issues with anything being out of place. Accessing any of the buttons or ports on the iPhone is not inhibited at all by the case.





Once you put the case on and start to use it, you quickly become used to the additional thickness and you barely notice it.  Now the iPhone without a case is approximately 1/4” thick; with the Commuter Wallet case on, it is now approximately 1/2” thick at the thinnest point and 5/8” thick at the storage part. The storage compartment is not that large when you get down to it.





I have been using the Commuter Wallet case to see how much I would like it as compared to the regular Commuter case. One of the nice things is that without the case, the iPhone has a tendency to be quite easy to move about, be it on a desk, a couch or in your hand. With the case on, the iPhone stays put wherever you set it down. Stick the iPhone in your pants pocket, it is protected from those items that you forget at times are in your pocket; loose change, car keys and who knows what else. Unlike other cases designed to be armor around your iPhone, this case is still slim, fits well into your pocket and yet is durable enough to protect your iPhone. The port and jack plugs are tight fitting and despite numerous opening/closing of the ports, show no sign of loosening up at all.

The Commuter Wallet Series for the iPhone 6 can be designed according to your color preferences. The silicone slipcover comes in Deep Water Blue, Black, Light Teal, Gunmetal Grey and Blaze Pink. The outer polycarbonate shell comes in Black and White. Mix and match, put your personal spin on your case. Otterbox does provide a one-year limited warranty with the purchase of the Commuter Wallet case. In regards to the hidden storage space on the Commuter Wallet, I was able to fit my driver’s license, two credit cards and a couple of dollars (folded twice and as thin as I could make them) into the drawer without any issues of the drawer binding up and not being able to open it. If I didn’t place any credit cards or my driver’s license in the drawer I could place up to five paper dollars (any denomination) into the drawer and had no issue with opening or closing the drawer. I originally had a problem trying to open the drawer; I gave the case to others to try and they immediately could open the drawer. Why I couldn’t open the drawer, I can’t explain it at all. Only one other person had an issue when trying to open the drawer. When you think about it, I would much prefer a case that was a tad bit harder to open as compared to a case that the “secret” drawer continually opens by itself or is very easy to open.


A question that I was asked several times by people looking over the case was what effect, if any, does placing credit cards in the drawer and next to the iPhone. The answer is none, absolutely none. Yes, I did check with the Otterbox folks on that question.

If you want quality, style and a company with the background of producing great products, check out Otterbox’s Commuter Wallet series case for the iPhone 6.

All in all, I give the Otterbox Commuter Wallet Series case for the iPhone 6 a My Mac rating of 8 out of a possible 10.

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