Biologic Bike Mount Weathercase for iPhone 5 and 6 – Review

Biologic Bike Mount Weathercase
Price: $34.95

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The Biologic Bike Mount Weathercase allows you to safely carry and view your iPhone on your bike’s handlebars. If you already have your iPhone in a case, you’ll have to remove it. My iPhone 5S lives in an Otterbox case that is too large to fit into the zippered Biologic case.

You don’t need to remove the iPhone from the Biologic case in order to check email or place a call. The face is a waterproof clear plastic material and most of the time pressing any of the phone’s keys brings a rapid response. But not always. I found it to be quirky. The plastic is not completely snug on the phone. It feels mushy when you press it. Most of the time it does work.

The unit comes with a bracket that mounts to the handlebar head with a couple of plastic zip ties. Once the base is in place, you insert your phone into the Weathercase and zip up the sides, place it on the bracket and lock it in place with a spring loaded dial on the side. The case allows you access to the phone’s charging port and camera, but you can forget about plugging in earphones. There is no access to the headphone port, and I approve of that. Bike riding is potentially dangerous enough and we don’t need more riders who are so engrossed with their music that they can’t hear oncoming vehicles or other cyclists approaching from behind.

A few things bothere me about this case. First, I dislike having to remove my phone from its perfectly serviceable Otterbox case to use it. Second, if I place a call and then press Speaker Phone, the screen simply goes black. This happens with a few other keys, too. Third, the zipper around the edge of the case is encased in what looks like a vinyl track, and I wonder how long it would be before that pulls apart. Fourth, the mounting directions are simply diagrams and practically no text. If you’re good at reading schematics, you’ll be okay, but I am not, and I made a crucial mistake.


I noticed after installing the bracket that the website showed the phone being used either vertically or horizontally, but I could see no way to turn it horizontally. It dawned on me that there had to be another part. Sure enough, there was a second compartment at the top of the box containing another adapter. However, regardless of which adapter you use, you cannot rotate your phone from vertical to horizontal on the fly. You make that decision when you’re positioning the bracket. There are several similar products on the market that allow you to rotate the phone to landscape on the fly, which is handy if you’re using a GPS for your ride and want a wider view.

Cases from this company are available for all models of iPhone, including the standard and jumbo iPhone 6 and 6 plus. The Biologic Bike Mount Weathercase is one of several similar products in a very competitive field, but does not rate near the top of the pack.

MyMac Review rating is 6 out of 10.


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