Bye Bye Standby Remote Power Switch – Review

Bye Bye Standby Remote Power Switch
Manufacturer: Bye Bye Standby, Inc.
MSRP: $16.95 as reviewed
Bye Bye Standby

This is not a new product. It is a very good one that I have used successfully for a couple of years. Many MyMac readers will find it useful.

Have a collection of power-hogging devices plugged in under your desk? How about all the audio/video appliances in your living room entertainment center? Instead of rooting around on your hands and knees to unplug a device, consider the convenience of being able to simply press a button on a remote. The awkwardly-named Bye Bye Standby is made specifically for this purpose.


I have many computer-related peripherals plugged in under my desk. When we go away, I need to shut down printers, computer speakers, my scanner, a powered hub, and a few other devices. I do this with a Bye Bye Standby. I even have separate units for my modem and router. (My iMac is plugged into an uninterruptible power supply which remains on 24/7.)

We live in an area of the country where we get strong summer thunderstorms that result in occasional power outages. All of the Bye Bye Standby outlets turn off when we lose power. When power is restored, a press of the buttons on the remote turns everything back on again. The same happens when we travel. I can easily shut everything down when we leave and turn them back on again when we come home. If we lose our Wi-Fi connection, the usual fix is to shut the modem and router down and restart. With a remote, that’s easy.

In addition to convenience, you can save significant money on electricity. Many electronic devices such as chargers, TVs, and the like, draw vampire power even when they are in standby mode. Being able to shut them off completely is not only convenient, it’s frugal.

PackageIncluded in the $16.95 Starter Kit are three power outlets and a remote that controls each one individually. The remote will control up to six power sockets that are sold in sets of three. The remote runs on a single CR2032 battery. Each unit will handle 1800 Watts or 15 Amps and will run on voltages from 110V – 220V, 60Hz. You have to determine how power-hungry some of your appliances are. A laser printer or a big TV uses lots of power so several devices like this should not be plugged into a single Bye Bye Standby outlet.

Until a wireless method of powering our lives is developed, (and don’t hold your breath for that) we must live with the tangled mess of wires under our desks. Being able to power your appliances on and off with a tidy remote control is both efficient and economical.

MyMac Review rating is 10 out of 10.

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