MyMac Podcast #503 – Same level of Stupid

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No show last week because Guy can’t stop messing around with the sound of the show and managed to muck it up beyond all repair. The show this week takes all the things you missed us say last week and puts them here. So it’s like it never happened (waving arms mystically). We record all your bumpers from the contest and thanks again to everyone who participated. Then we just have fun. Same GMen time! Same GMen channel!

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Guy’s App Pick: Splashtop by Splashstop. Great way to view your Mac’s desktop and get some of those files you may have forgotten when you left home. $4.99 for the personal version on your iPad. If you need even more there are in-app purchases but it works great for me as is. 
Gaz’s App Pick: Not really a Mac or iPhone pick, but I use the IOS App because of the device. linked up with friends at work. About £40 ($60) quid in the UK. so ping me through all the usual methods we can link up and challenge each other get fitter.
People’s Pick: None this week

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