MyMac Podcast #497 – Monkey in the Middle

Sponsored by OWC

The SSL Exploit for both the Mac and iOS is absolutely nothing to worry about unless you don’t live in a cave, have a Mac newer than a PowerPC, or use the internet. Do or have any of that and you should probably be going for those updates. Gaz is doing a lot of traveling, but it’s Guy’s Maps program that seems to be stopping progress. All this and more this week on the MyMac Podcast.

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OWC Product link:
The OWC Elite Pro Qx2. 4 drive bays of AWESOME!
Link to the main story:
Guy’s App Pick: The Movies: Superstar Edition by Ferel Interactive $19.99
Gaz’s App Pick: Automator. (from Apple) With Automator actions and support for AppleScript commands, Apple Remote Desktop 3 gives you the ability to create custom workflows designed to make your life easier.
People’s Pick: None this week (ohhh)


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