MyMac Podcast #495 – Why buy when you can rent?

Sponsored by OWC

Don’t you just HATE buying software and having that feeling of a one time price? Wouldn’t you rather just have to pay less for it each month or it stops working? Gaz and Guy debate this topic with their usual thoughtfulness so you probably shouldn’t expect a hard and definitive answer…or should you? Also the weather takes a hard beating or perhaps it’s the other way around, ISPs suck, Captain Kirk should sound like Curly, and Guy needs a more typical Press hat for Macworld. All this week on the MyMac Podcast.

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OWC Product link:
Why Microsoft thinks you should rent software:
Guy’s App Pick: Mixlr by A free service with paid for add ons for creating live podcasts that people can listen to and contribute to in an included chat room. Available on the Mac App Store.
Gaz’s App Pick: PopClip from Pilotmoon Software. PopClip appears when you select text with your mouse on your Mac. Instantly access context-specific actions including copy and paste, plus extensions like Send to Evernote. Try it free from their website or buy from $4.99 US, £2.99 GB or €4.49 in Europe
People’s Pick: None this week (ohhh)

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