MyMac Podcast #490 – AWESOME GPS MOVE (in an eety beety living space)

Sponsored by OWC

Gaz is not feeling well, so James Turner (from fame) steps in to keep Guy in line (as if). BIG announcements regarding the 500th podcast! OWC is not only sponsoring some prizes to give to the best Bumper makers, but is also helping Guy go to the Macworld Expo this year! Woo Woo! James and Guy go through the usual stuff and then talk about Apple’s latest way to separate people from money (just not all to them), iBeacons. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it latest dance craze sweeping the nation? YOU decide!

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Guy’s App Pick: Handbrake by TOTALLY free
Gaz’s App Pick: Audio Book Builder, I’ve picked this before but I recently bought some audio books from a charity shop, and as iTunes does not import Audio CD’s I went straight back to my favored program. It’s available through the Mac App store in the UK at £2.99 this is a steal at that price. There is a free trial on the web site but to be honest just buy it. $4.99
Jame’s App Pick: Logitech Harmony 650 Remote $59.99 at Amazon
People’s Pick: The People want Gaz to get better soon

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