MyMac Podcast #488 – iOX FaceMessages

So like chocolate and peanut butter, what could Apple shmoosh together from OS X and iOS to make either better? Oh and apparently Guy and Gaz say some funny stuff. Geez what did you expect? It’s almost Christmas.

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Guy’s App Pick: Call Recorder by eCamm software $30. If you need to record anything related to Skype, this is the software to have. It just works. I could quibble about recording as a MOV file instead of pure audio, but they include tools for conversion. It’s what I use to record those huge amounts of calls to our Skype line.
Gaz’s App Pick: One Game to rule them all. Lego Lord of the Rings for the Mac.
£10.49. Curently on a holiday offer at half price. Some typical great comedic cut scenes.
Holiday Bonus Pick: iStat Menu £10.10 Single User £15.15 5 User License
People’s Pick: Allister Jenks likes Triage by Southgate Labs. $1.99 for those people who get a lot of email and want to scan through it quickly.

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