MyMac Podcast 478: iOS is made for Business

Guy has his new iPhone 5S so everyone should be pleased that he’ll stop whining about it now. Gaz is VERY unhappy with iTunes and podcasts so we can rant about that. However he did make a framed picture so less unhappy. Not sure what the scale would be between happy or not at this point. Businesses in general seem to be pretty happy with iOS so that’s a good thing as lot’s of companies want to cater to that market. Gaz and Guy break it down a bit and say why in their opinion it’s the better platform than other mobile devices.

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Guy’s Pick: An anti-app pic. DON’T get the new version of QuickOfficce as it no longer supports multiple cloud services but just Google Drive
Gaz’s App Pick: App Deleting. Either App Delete from our friend Reggie Ashworth for $7.99 or AppZapper $12.95
I also use Hazel ($28.00) to delete Apps but that app also does so much more which if you don’t need means you’re probably better off with certainly one of those above.
People’s Pick: None this week

One thought on “MyMac Podcast 478: iOS is made for Business

  1. Just a warning for Gaz, as he is looking for alternatives to iTunes on the Mac, for podcasts. Downcast is far and away my favorite iOS podcatcher, but the Mac version is still VERY buggy, even though it is now up to version 1.03. Some examples include deleting episodes before playing them, lots of random beachballs, and downloading two year old episodes. At least it is no longer randomly deleting and then re-downloading dozens of podcasts.

    Instacast works better, but I would rather use Downcast, so I keep reinstalling it and trying it with each new version, but no luck so far.

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