MyMac Podcast 473: Brightening Everyone’s Day

The GMen are back and just before an Apple event that will no doubt delight and astound us all! Or maybe it’ll just be a phone or two. Anyway Gaz and Guy have a good time catching up on Guy’s Florida trip and his attempts as pitiful as they were at surfing. They look at some issues of the day and continuously get sidetracked away from what they started talking about. In other words, just as it ever was!

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Guy’s Pick: The Google+ app for keeping up with all you do on G+. Free
Gaz’s App Pick: Delectable Wine Free. 17 year old + rating
People’s Pick: From Gary Apter If it hasn’t been mentioned previously, I recommend Bubble Fever for iOS. The warning is that I’m finding it totally addictive – so user beware! I think it is free and I haven’t been tempted for in-app purchases…

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