MyMac Podcast #469: This podcast sponsored by…

Hoo HAH! A longer than usual podcast which is great for some of you and not great for others. Sorry or congratulations are in order for either one reason or the other. However it is just smack dab filled with Gaz and Guy shenanigans and tomfoolery. We talk about Google adding ads to their Map application in iOS because apparently that’s what they think people want and what Guy and Gaz are looking forward to in OS X Mavericks when Apple releases it.

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Guy’s App Pick: Apple’s very own Messages program. Sure it has it’s quirks, but it’s relatively easy to use and serves across a variety of other chat services. If you have an AIM account you can do screen sharing easily. It’s what I typically use to help out a few friends online like my Brother Bill where we’ve collaborated on his website using SandVox
Gaz’s App Pick: Bento is going Long live creating your own Database 😉
Ouistee AE Database Editor
People’s Pick: Peter Bird suggests Dialogue by Emiel Jansen $6.99 at the Mac App Store. This app connects your iPhone to your Mac over BlueTooth and then you can make calls from your Mac.

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