The Traveler – Review

The Traveler
Company: Insanely Great Products
Price: $10
Works with: iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S, and most smooth-backed devices


More and more people are using their phones as their GPS devices. It’s difficult—and in many places, illegal—to use your phone while driving. The best solution is to mount your phone on the windshield where it’s easy to see and hear your route directions. The Traveler by Insanely Great Products fits the bill nicely.

The Traveler uses suction cups to secure the iPhone to any smooth surface, such as a windshield, whiteboard, or table top. In my testing I used the 45 degree angle acrylic model. Installation couldn’t be easier: attach one suction cup to the windshield, then attach the iPhone (without a case) to the other suction cup. To remove either the phone or The Traveler from the windshield, simple pull up on a tab. Two vinyl circle stickers are included with The Traveler for use with the iPhone 5 or a smooth iPhone case.


If it sounds pretty simple that’s because it is. But simple doesn’t mean it works. I’m pleased to say The Traveler worked better than I expected.

The first time using The Traveler in my car I was quite nervous. I was afraid of my iPhone falling off the suction cup, and with no protective case the possibility of the phone cracking, or even breaking was very real. I drove with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand a few inches away from the bottom of the phone, ready to catch it when it would inevitably fall. But it never did. The Traveler held my phone in place until I was ready to remove it.

My husband and I recently went on a trip to Florida. Since we would be driving from Tampa to Orlando I thought it would be a perfect time to really test how well The Traveler would hold up.

I brought the 90 degree aluminum model and proceeded to attach it to the windshield. This was a little more difficult because of the windshield angle, so the iPhone was attached towards the top of the phone rather than the middle. I spent the first 30 minutes of the ride doing what I did in my car: holding my hands under the phone, waiting for it to drop.

The iPhone didn’t budge.

My husband drove over potholes and speed bumps, swerved away from bad drivers, took sharp turns, and my iPhone happily came along for the ride. By the time we headed back to Tampa I affixed my iPhone to The Traveler and didn’t give it a second thought. At one point during the drive I pulled out some earbuds and listened to podcasts with my iPhone still on the windshield. All controls were easily accessible, as was the dock connector for charging.

I wasn’t expecting much with The Traveler when it arrived. I’ve used various products with suction cups that either never stayed on or fell down after a few hours. Once in place The Traveler didn’t move until I removed it. The unit I have in my car was still securely on the windshield when I got home despite the low 20’s temperatures.

Using the vinyl circle on one of my iPhone 4S cases also worked well. Since the circle is clear and adds no bulk or weight I don’t even realize it’s there. The drawback with the vinyl circles, though, is that they’re not reusable once removed. If you like to change cases frequently this will pose a problem.

The Traveler comes in three flavors: 45 degree acrylic in clear or black for $10, and 45 or 90 degree aluminum for $15. It supports the iPhone in both landscape and portrait orientation, and works with most devices that have a smooth back. The low cost plus ease of use make The Traveler the perfect way to use your iPhone hands-free. Review Rating: 9 out of 10

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