Baby you can drive my iCar – MyMac Podcast #454

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Gaz couldn’t be on this week so Guy looked for another Brit to take his place. Will Green worked out so well 2 weeks ago so why not again? And it was just as great this time around with so many off-topic topics that you might forget this is a Mac show! Neither knew when to stop so it’s extra long as well (which should make Gary Apter happy!). Yeah they talked a bit about Apple going into your next car, but you should listen because it’s Will Green!

Also I misspelled Clive Hammett’s name last week in the show notes and I”m REALLY sorry Cliff

Guy’s App Pick: Animationist by Synium Software $29.99 at the Mac App Store
Gaz’s App Pick: No Gaz so no pick
Will’s App Pick: iOS: Yahoo Weather OSX: GrandPerspective

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