One thought on “It Suits the Suits – TechFan Podcast #111

  1. Hello, David, thanks for the show. I don’t have time for a well composed response, but let me just say that I’ve been buying/upgrading/repairing/selling and maintaining iBook G3’s and G4’s for over 5 years now as a hobby. I completely agree that an ibook is a great, if not superior alternative to a netbook. Superior if only because it is running OS X, but that’s my bias. If I could, I’d like to offer some advice. First, download and install Perian. Then, download and install the most current VLC you can run on your respective machine. Then, download and install MacTubes. All three of these invaluable tools are FREE/donationware, and will GREATLY improve your ability to watch video on your ancient machine. You wondered in the podcast why the old computers can’t internet video? One reason: FLASH. You see what that lovely piece of bloatware does to a core 2 duo when you leave a browser open- it pegs the processors and in some cases renders a modern computer sluggish and unresponsive. Flash is death to the G3 processor. You will find a wonderful surprise in MacTubes, though- in the app’s preferences, check Quicktime as your player, and it will play all your youtube videos in QT, giving you VASTLY improved frame rates. (Obviously, you can’t watch any HD videos). Sadly, it doesn’t work within your browser- streaming just isn’t possible with these old machines, but you use MacTubes as your YouTube browser. Search and watch videos within the app. Perian extends Quicktime to view a lot more formats found on the web, but generally you need a faster G3. VLC revamped a year ago and removed a lot of code that trashed G3 usability, and now enables the viewing of .avi’s on even a 500 mhz iBook. Here, also, is a site I came across recently that has a lot of info and advice: . I don’t know if (formerly is available in the UK, but US listeners can search “iBook G3 battery” there and get a new, albeit possibly questionable quality, battery there for under $30 us.
    After my comments, I’d like to wholeheartedly endorse your comments regarding g3 iBooks. It is worth mentioning, though, they they CANNOT be the center of your digital life- the versions of iTunes that run on them cannot sync with current i-devices. You MAY be able to use them with a first or second generation iPod Touch, but I’m not sure. If you get yourself an iPod Photo, or (I believe) any of the pre-touch iPods with video, you aught to still be set.

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