One thought on “Separate Ways – TechFan Podcast #107

  1. I agree completely with David about the BlackBerry PlayBook. I was in a slightly different situation, as I had only a full sized iPad and not a mini, and I was looking six months ago, so I paid a higher price ($200 for a 64GB model). I was looking for a tablet primarily as a portable media player, I didn’t want to deal with jury-rigged HDMI solutions for the iPad. The PlayBook had a lot of storage, a micro-HDMI port, and good hardware in general. It has good build quality and the best sound of any tablet I have owned and the cameras shoot 1080p video.

    Like the HP TouchPad and Windows Phone, it has a good OS without much software support (which is OK if you have an iPad to run apps, not so good as your first tablet). Some key missing ones are Skype, Kindle, and Netflix, although Skype and Kindle are supposed to be available with BB10. Support has been good, there have been 2 OS upgrades with another major one coming soon. As those of us who have owned Android tablets know, this is not always the case.

    In addition to media, I use it for Twitter/Facebook/games – it does have Plants vs. Zombies. The email client supports multiple accounts and can also show Facebook messages and Twitter direct messages. I also have apps for DropBox, Evernote, Pandora, and Pocket. It also comes with the full version of Documents To Go, most tablets have a trial version. Another downside is that the native Podcasts app is awful, and the third party options not much better.

    I love the smaller form factor, I am sure that my next iPad will be a mini.

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